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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide resources and services to support and strengthen the development of children and families globally, who are at risk of the devastating effects of poverty, HIV/AIDS and other opportunistic viruses.                                                 



Today (April 6, 2023) our Foundation would like to honor and pay tribute to Kinita Musnug as she celebrates another heavenly birthday. She completed her mission and earthly services in July 2019.


Our guest speaker for our 2nd Annual Gala was Dorcey Applyrs the now Albany Chief City Auditor. Kinita accompanied her daughter Dorcey that evening. That’s the 1st time we met Kinita. The next day, we received a call from her. Her voice was soft spoken, but the passion was compelling as she said, “Last night listening to the program, I want to help in any way that I can.” She was adamant and from that moment she extended herself to the Foundation in every way. She immediately contacted some of her friends and established a group (M.I.S.S.I.O.N.) based in her home state (Washington, DC). Part of their mission is to reach those in need in the United States and abroad through charitable donations and fundraising to provide better education, health, food, clothing and other outreach needs. She went a little further and shared our needs to her Church Family St. Stephen’s Baptist Church.


Kinita calls and emails to the Foundation would be too many to count. One could not help but smile as she made these communications. She always had some new idea of something that would provide the much needed assistance to someone. Over the years she made numerous donations and contributions to our mission. She made several trips to Ghana. Her presence being there and literally seeing for herself the villagers, especially the children that she was so much a part of was such a joy and satisfaction to her. Her energy and stamina belied her stature.


She had a beautiful smile that was contagious. Whether she was singing in church, painting the school, walking the hot streets in Ghana, reading books to the school children, picking up trash after events, and lifting boxes of donations.


We are going to remember Kinita today, not with tears of sadness, but with joy in our hearts. Thankful that we were able to spend four years being a part of her tremendous and wonderful life. A life filled with compassion, love, joy, caring, kindness and commitment to everything she was a part of. A life that surely can be emulated, especially in these times. She is being remembered with high esteem in the villages of Anamabo, Ghana, among others. Her name and legacy will live on as someone who made this world a better place.


May her soul RIP.

Kinita Musnug : A woman with passion & a mission

Always with a Donation

The 1st meeting with Kinita at our 2nd Annual Gala

Some members of Kinita's M.I.S.S.I.O.N visiting Albany, NY discussing plans to help the Foundation

Members of M.S.S.I.O.N.

Her stature belied her energy, stamina & capability

Kinita In Ghana - She loved the children who brought her so much joy

Kinita - Her memories live on

Kinita In Ghana - A leader in so many ways.

Kinita In Ghana - Smiling Donations! Donations Donations

Kinita - In Ghana - Smiling through everything


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