Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide resources and services to support and strengthen the development of children and families globally, who are at risk of the devastating effects of poverty, HIV/AIDS and other opportunistic viruses.                                                 

happy thanksgiving

Looking forward to your support as we continue to raise funds to fulfill our MISSION amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Thank You!


Thanks to Ms. Dorothy Townsend whose donation made it possible for the Foundation to provide dinner to the guests of IPH's Emergency Shelter (formerly Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless) Albany, NY. on November 7, 2020. A delicious and appetizing meal of barbeque chicken, macaroni and cheese and string beans was served. If anyone wants to assist the Foundation in helping to provide or donate meals or fund the donation of meals, please contact us at 518-783-7871 or 518-209-3915 or Cash App use $FEKF or Donationpage 



                      Stay Safe!

Thank you also to  Ms. Renee Dye  who donated adult pampers to the Foundation to be used as part of their MISSION.


12 Rafaillo Drive, Latham NY 12110

 Phone & Fax:(518) 783-7871

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