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Our Mission 

To date we've distributed food supplies, walkers, hygiene products, new & used clothing, wheelchairs, toys, bikes, educational equipment including computers, backpacks, tablets, school supplies; built and continue the maintenance & upkeep of a 300 pupils school block; sponsored three children for high school; promoted an Adult Literacy Program; installed pipelines in 4 villages; adopted an orphanage for girls & assisting in their operational needs; sponsored the feeding of the elderly and children; sponsored family fun days including give away of back packs and school supplies, hosted lunches; adopted families for Thanksgiving and Christmas; prepared and served food at homeless shelters, battered women shelters and schools; served free bottled water, hosted pizza parties including giving of gifts at an institute that provides care and rehabilitation services for girls; and participated in community sponsored events. These services are provided in Ndasismam, Anamobo, Central Region Ghana, Georgetown, Guyana, South America and the Capital District of Upstate New York.

Our goals include building  a clinic, providing BOCES programs, building and maintaining a school cafeteria and install pipelines in the 60 remaining villages of Anamobo in Ghana so that all the villages have access to clean water at all times. With your help we can accomplish our goals.

Executive Committee

Nana Ama Sam I
Marylin C. Kippins
Queen of Ndasimam
Dana DePass
Chief Financial Officer
Vice President
Joan MS Pic.jpg


Joan Abrams
Communications Director
Morena Walker-Howe
Community Outreach Coordinator
Natasha Chang
Fundraiser Coordinator
IMG_0205 (4).JPG
Renee Dye Berry
Volunteer Coordinator
Grant Writer - Open Position

Intern:  NEEDED

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